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Art and Products for sale
TO help me raise money, and get some of this stuff out so I have space, here are somethings I have for sale.

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Size - 8.5 X 5.5
Drawn on 60# Offset Paper
Image Is The Original
Asking Price $2.00 Plus $3.00 Shipping (covers everything)
I accept Paypal, Cash, Check or Money order. Please send an email airraiser AT gmail DOT com if your interested

If your an artist IN ANYWAY
If this BS passes as law, any artist in any way will be screwed so far up their ass all art will dissapear forever from the planet. Go and listen to the interview. I signed the petition, and if this becomes law I will stop doing art forever. Cause when your creations and your art are free for grab, and no longer yours whats the point in creating anything ever. Makes you think.


Oh what wonderous news (HELP)
Ever notice how the cost of everything is going up while your paycheck seems to either stay the same or go down. WELP I have. And trust me it sucks. Got hit by my bills all at once, normaly that's okay, but when your heating bill is up over $300 for a small appartment, and IT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN, then your car insurance hits things tend to go all over the place.

I'm currently facing that moral delema, pay bills and have money for gas or money for food. HUMMMM. Already cut back to two meals a day, and now no snack food (I want carrorts soooo badly.) But anyway I have two good room mates who are helping keep some food in the house (Ramen, cheap mini pizzas some $0.50 burritos) so I'm at least still eating something.

But heres my delema, since my cell bill came in and a $20 extra was tacked on from what I was original quoted (THATS QUOTED WITH TAX) I'm finding that my two paychecks this month wont cover the bills and rent. And thats giving myself enough money to pay for rising gas prices (currently $3.24 FUCKING A HOLE wheres my bike anyway.) Heres where you peoples come in. No I don't expect anyone to just give money away, thats retarded. Instead I'm doing some small sketch commissions. As well as prints, and some other stuff.

E-Mail me if your intersted in anything I have here (airraiser AT gmail DOT com)

All payments must be made via Concealed Cash, Check or Money order (Paypal is currently in limbo while I get a new Debit card) ALSO all payments must be paid upfront, and arrive here (hopfully the mail will be delievered GRRR, two days it wasn't.) before the 28th.

Now on to the goodies

5.5 x 8.5 (half sheet) Sketch commissions $3 + $2 shipping (covers everything)

GLOW STICKS TUBES of 15 braclets with connecters. $3 each + $3 shipping I have about 10 tubes

Prints Size Varies Prices go from $3 to $7 shipping is $3

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 This is the original art work, done with various colored pencils. Image is about 8.5 x 11in.

Blue Dragon Auction

Is it odd

That my birthday is next wed and I compleatly went in to shock that it was next week? Is time flying by or what? GOD I'm going to be 24 O.o;; but BAH nothing special about this birthday. Now my 25th one will be on FRIDAY THE 13TH! NOW when that happens I get to go nuts! ^-^

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Cause I can goddamn it! Everyone needs some loven sometime

My Valentinr - airraiser
Get your own valentinr

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Heard what happen to Kaiser, sadly I saw and heard things that other people did not. But he is now on the streets and I can't contact him. I know he could use a friend and right now I dunno what to do.

This Journal will now be friends only, if you wish for me to add you please add me first so I know your LJ name. I am doing this because of recent comments that were posted here from a certin person who I do not wish to communicate with.

And Jake don't fucking accuse me of shit you have no clue if it is true or not. And don't drag Rachel in to this either, I have been the bigger person by not responding to you because I can't respond in a way that is polite.



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